BC Enterprise  353 MAIN STREET, LAUREL, MARYLAND 20707

Telephone (301) 317-9990


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Please read our store policies carefully!!

Discount Buy two or more items and you get a discount.  All discounts are calculated only by the owner of B.C. Enterprise. The discount is calculated from the number of items that you buy and the price of the items. The more items you buy the bigger discounts you get.
Layaway Ten percent (10%) is required at the time of purchase. We will hold items for maximum of six weeks.  If the purchaser has not made any payments or paid the balance within the six-weeks, the items and any payments made on the lay away will become the property of BC Enterprise.  
Charge  We only except Visa or Master Charge. All credit is checked at the time of purchase.  All charges are call in at the time of purchase, we reserve the rights to refuse sales of any of our items with questionable identification.
Returns or Exchanges Since items are discounted at the time purchase there are no cash returns. If the item is defective you may exchange the item for an exact replacement. Exchanges are only done within the reasonable amount of time! We reserve the rights to make any exchanges if we have found item has been misused.  all exchanges must be approved by the owner of BC Enterprise.
Age Limit (under 18) We reserve the rights to refuse sales of any of our items to persons under the aged 18 without their parents approval. Some of our items like swords, knives, lighters and authentic American Indian weapons can be dangerous.
Special Order Because we carry unique and unusual gift items sometimes were out of stock of the item you are looking for.  If the item is in stock, it takes 2-to-6 weeks for shipping.
Shipping All shipping is done by UPS.  We only except money orders, Visa or Master Charge and Cashier's check as payment. "NO PERSONAL CHECKS"

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