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"Unicorn with her fairy friend"

use as a jewelry box or maybe hold your tarot cards many styles and sizes available.

Starting Price: $8.00

Dark Fairy

 "Not all you see is as it seems"

Starting Price: $15.00

Candles and Oil burners to many sizes and styles please inquire

Starting Price: $10.00

Bobble Heads many styles most hard to find. The  company went under. Biker, Dragon, Skulls and more inquire about the different styles.

 Starting Price: $12.00

Frogs of all sizes this "Beauty on a Hammock"

Starting Price: $12.00

Free standing double sided scenes wolves, eagles dolphins and more. Other side of animal scenes more in collection

Starting Price: $


Angel cat candle holder many other cat figurines available

Starting Price: $

Tue Love Frogs on a bench "I got you babe"

Starting Price: $


"Dragon Guarding the Gargoyles" or is it the other way around you decide.

Starting Price: $


Skulls of many sizes and purposes set the table with your own reaper salt and pepper shaker or grab a napkin from your skull holder.

Starting Price: $


Acrylic skulls many sizes and colors.

Starting Price: $


Journal books write your thoughts dreams or secrets all books can be loaded with more paper to reuse many styles and designs all have back scenes

Prices: $22.00 to $30.00

"Buddha Gnash Shiva" and more to choose from made of brass or ceramic.

Starting Price: $10.00

May your being be blessed many decorative crosses to choose from.

Starting Price: $18.00

Dragons in mirrors skulls on motorcycles, water fountains timers watches all to many to picture.

Starting Price: $


Boxes to fill your every whim this beauty was shown in the movie the queen of the damned.

Starting Price: $


Water balls, timers pins and ashtrays all yours to view just contact us by phone or email. Your welcome to stop by the store. Need Directions?

Starting Price: $


Anyone for fantasy? Vargas faces to match the sweet and sometimes innocent collection.

Starting Price: $20.00


Giraffes many sizes some made of wood or ceramic.

Starting Price: $


Sword with skull stand, 2 styles to choose from.

Starting Price: $40.00 (includes both pieces seen)

2" inch fairies own the set and stand includes 10 fairies priced at for the set.

Price: $100.00

Fairies sold separately at the stand

Starting Price: $45.00 each ($12.00 to $65.00 savings)

Dragons, Gargoyles and Panthers oh my, many to choose from and many styles.

Starting Price: $



"Reaper Carrying Young Maiden"

Price: $40.00

(approximately 16 inches detailing perfect)

Pewter Wind Chimes many styles

Starting Price: $8.00

Indian masks and shields also medicine wheels and a variety of dream catchers too many others too.

Starting Price: $4.00 to $90.00


Stepping Stones dogs, cats, police and fire dept many others to choose from.

Starting Price: $15.00 to $18.00

Chimes dogs and cats $18.00

Thermometers animals sayings favorite pets $12.00


Rhodium (anti tarnish metal) many styles to pick from bigger size 9_14 smaller rings sizes 5_10

Starting Price: $


Steel bracelets never rust or tarnish keeps the look for a lifetime.

Starting Price: $15.00

Steel and Copper jewelry rings never tarnish copper good for arthritis.

Starting Price: $



Wwind chimes spinners many styles to pick.

Starting Price: $22.00

Wind Chimes Spinners many styles to pick from$22.00

swinging animal figurines with or without Chimes.

Starting Price: $18.00 to $20.00


Gargoyle 2 1/2 feet high may be mounted on wall motion sensor or constant light.

Price: $65.00


Egyptian figurines

Starting Price: $8.00


Do-Rags or Skull Caps regular mil  Price: $5.00

heavy mil with sweat bands Price: $10.00





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